deleting Instagram!! #2

So today I actually dressed up, which is extremely rare! My friends usually complain about how I could wear sloppy wear to hang out with friends πŸ™‚ After I dressed up, I realised I could not share it with my friends and that really bummed me out…

Which is bad in my opinion.

I wanted to have a healthy relationship with appearance and having a solid and steady development loving myself.

After a while, I realised that I felt great regardless! Stepping out and being out, not being afraid about having enough likes or getting validation from my peers lifted a huge weight over my shoulders. Not only that, I got to know that I don’t actually entirely hate my appearance through how I felt being out in public, with all the make up and nice clothes, without getting approval from my friends.


Today, a full day out and I didn’t get to share any of it with instagram yet I felt great and beautiful at the end of the day!

I guess this marks the start of a healthier relationship with self-gratification and appreciation! hehe

deleting instagram (info)

Before I decided to do this, I wanted to make sure I was convinced enough that I should do this. So, I did my research πŸ™‚

I’ll be updating my feelings and experiences in this 30 day journey in other blog posts! Even during the day itself, day and night, where I feel it is needed!Β 

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, here are some links! (This will be constantly updated)


If you’re into reading instead, here you go πŸ™‚

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deleting instagram!! #1

Signed out,

deleted the app.

I’ll be updating my feelings and experiences in this 30 day journey! Even during the day itself, day and night, where I feel it is needed!


Pretty sure you guys have already heard of the negative impacts of social media!

  • Obsessive relationship with your appearance
  • Diminishing quality of relationships in real life
  • Poorer productivity
  • Poor time management
  • Mental health issues

And more!! But these are the ones that affect me.

I just really want to spend my time in more meaningful things like spending time with family, soaking up experiences, and building on my own image without being narcissistic.

I actually did this once before in secondary school but instead, it was going without my phone for 3months AND THAT FELT SO GOOD!!

So yay okay πŸ™‚ wish me all the best!


to delete my social media accounts? or not?

Personally, I have been considering removing all of my social media accounts for a while now. Why? I think that there is a certain beauty in not knowing everything my friends are doing. I think that being away from the virtual world makes me more contented with myself and a simple life. I think that without pressures from the outside, I get to appreciate the things and people around me more. I could go on and on with this… So why haven’t I done it?

When I was in high school, I tried it out for 3 months. I gave my phone to my mother for 3 months leading up to the national exams. I gave it up for 2 reasons- to remove any possible distractions, and to take a break. High school for me was quite chaotic. That phase of my life was probably the most direct socializing I’ve done. Text messages come in often and Instagram was on the rise. Selfies were the new thing to master, rather than the communication skills with our classmates. Having more likes was the new gauge of who’s the most popular. I just wanted a break from all this.

So without the phone, I relied on the house phone to get information from friends. Often I’d go home straight to study because I didn’t have a phone to inform my parents on my whereabouts. I also got to stare out the windows during the bus and train rides instead of fixating my eyes on any device. I also became more observant as I got to watch people interact and behave in certain settings. Family gatherings also became more fun and fruitful because I wasn’t expecting any notification. Study times were really productive because I had no one to bug me. Despite all the good things I got out of that experience, I could not live without the phone.

I mean I could. But that would make me “handicapped” in society. Everything now requires the social media platform. Forum discussions are on Facebook, social activities require us to do something on Instagram, even finding a job is more accessible through LinkedIn. Even my own grandmother can only reach me through messenger because she’s in the US. For the love of God I can’t turn my back on the social media scene.

And that is why I have not left my accounts. Woes of being born in a technologically advanced society.