Medical Internship #2

The past few weeks, I’ve been with 2 doctors, namely Dr Angelito Reyes and Dr Adelina S. Lim. This post will be mainly about my perceptions of them as people, not just as doctors. Dr Angelito Reyes is a internist-pulmonologist and Dr Adeline Lim is an anesthesiologist. Both them, remarkable doctors.

Dr Angelito Reyes was known by his colleagues as the man who does gives many free consultations and charges the least despite his high positions in the administrative side of the medical profession, as well as being known to have one of the best practices in the city. In the week I was with him, he left the home about 7am and usually came back 12-1am. He does rounds in 4 hospitals, head of ICU, head of emergency department and chief of clinics in another. On tuesdays, he drives 2 hours deeper into the province to give cheaper consultation to the people there. He’d go home after about 12 hours and 65 patients, while many of them are free of charge. The thing is, you’d think that a man like this has to have no time for family or a wife right? Well surprisingly, he manages to defy all odds and become a family man as well. Oh if only you could see how he kisses his children and wife everyday, you’d never think that he’d be a doctor who is barely home. He is someone I want to be in terms of relationships and how he handles it. I’d say he’s lucky because his family supports him everyday. His children tend to wait up for their dad to come home to accompany him while he eats his late dinner. His children come to visit him in between consultations and they wrestle a little or hug out the love a little. His wife, whom also is a doctor, in fact is a pediatrician, sends him lunch everyday. She is a wonderful woman who made a huge sacrifice to leave her practice to tend to her family’s needs. She is monumental to her husband’s growth as a practioner and a lover.

Dr Adelina Lim was known by her colleagues to be a “terror” but a great teacher. You could tell in this halls of the hospital that people fear her. From junior doctors, to the nurses, they stand at her attention and give her the respect due. In operating theatres, she scolds people because of the littlest of reasons and the atmosphere becomes tensed. But, soon you realize, she does it for your own good. She does it so that whoever she crosses paths with in the ORs may develop themselves as medical professionals. Towards the end of the operation, she tends to become happier, and show care to everyone in the room and may even occasionally spill some jokes that crack up the room. She might seem like a monster at first, but don’t be quick to judge because people who have worked by her side know that she’s probably one of the most caring people you’d meet. She sponsors many children’s school fees and even go on medical missions. She really married her profession to give others a good life. She may have the riches but she’s alone at home which makes me sad sometimes. But I end up feeling happy for her because I know that she does good with her money and time. She helps strangers and her loved ones. Surely, she’s an angel in disguise of someone tough, and I am sure that Jesus is smiling favorably on her.

I have chanced upon many other doctors, specialists, perfusionist, nurses, assistants and surgeons but I would really like to give them a little more of the special place in my memories.

Hopefully one day, I become a good balance of both 🙂

“Stay kind. Be a kind doctor who remembers who this profession serves.”

wardolf, I

I want to be a queen in an empire of my own.

No, please don’t misunderstand.

I don’t want to be in control of everything;

not even myself.

I want to be able to carry myself well, regardless of what I wear.

I want to smile at my enemies and not even break a sweat in fear of them.

I want to be able to be graceful, taking life one step at a time, with carefully thought out steps.

I want to be beautiful, to strangers but more importantly to those who love me.

I want to be radiating light and admiring life around me, hectic or not.

Just like a queen, I want to be a great master of my choices and actively live them without regret.

Just like a queen, I shall be a part of something bigger than myself,

King or no King.

massage my soul will you?

after a long day,

will you spare some time to ask about my day?

will you look into my eyes and tell me that everything will be okay?

will you speak from your heart and willingly want to take the pain away?

i’m all bare,

vulnerably naked,

but consensually waiting for your loving touch.

will you hold me well,

and massage my soul?

sail with me

soulmates cruising,

in sync with the waves.

so smooth you’d cave,

so magical you’d daze.

storing memories in crates,

preserving tender love for the long haul.

thank you for choosing to sail with me,

weathering through the storm with me,

making it through to the edge of the earth with me.

rage rage rage

coursing through my veins,

fire spreading like wildfire.

lava oozing out of existing wounds,

heat waves blurring my vision;

cooling winds blow but i ignore it and allow it to make me wilder, faster, stronger.

my rage engulfs everything i built,

everything i love.

despite all of the madness,

i hope the trees i burn, light a new path for me.