deleting instagram!! #35

If you’re lost, don’t be. I’m 35 days into my “no Instagram” journey and I’m feeling great!


I feel really optimistic about life and I’m embracing change and transformation, no matter how fast it is or how drastic.

With Instagram out of my life for now, I’m able to sort out my priorities and really “get my shit back together”.

over the moon :-)

I look upon silver linings,

When I wish for a different reality.

The stars are too busy,

Too occupied for the many hopefuls.

On most days,

I feel like the clouds;

Shadows behind the brilliant ones.

And so I look upon the clouds,

Knowing that I only have the odds with me,

And wish that they hear my heart’s desires,

And that maybe they feel what I’m feeling too.

I Guess they did.

My heart is full,

And warm,

Even with the many despairs it carries.

The clouds heard me;

They’re giving me a chance.

As the sun started to rest,

The clouds glistened and twinkled,

Giving me comforting acknowledgment.


I’ll show them that not only do stars shine,

But clouds do too.

trust the earth

you are doing fine,

i promise,

as long as you choose to breathe for another day.

people around me have been dying or disappearing;

don’t you see it’s such a great gift to be alive?

trust the earth that for your sadness, happiness will come.

trust the earth that for your anguish, peace will grace you.

trust the earth that for all the days you chose to breathe, you will be rewarded with purpose.

motivation boost

I’m having finals in a few days and here’s some motivation boost if you need some 🙂

All the best to all of you hoomans out there!

i identify myself as an underdog

Let me give you some quick facts to give you an understanding of my position in life:

  1. Between my Sister and I, she’s the smarter one.
  2. Amongst my primary school clique, I had the lowest academic performance.
  3. In the primary school swim team, I was the slowest (although I was the only girl, I’m not sexist so I still discount myself).
  4. In piano recitals, I used to have running snot down as I played because I was so nervous. So people would always give me an odd look, rather than appreciate my piece.
  5. Amongst my secondary school friends, I was the fattest. (Seriously my BMI told me I was overweight)
  6. I joined the Saint John ambulance brigade and sucked so bad at at commanding that when I became a senior, the officers made me secretary so that I wouldn’t have to command.
  7. In junior college, although I was the captain of Bowling, I wasn’t the best player. I got the position because of my votes that’s all.
  8. I repeated my first year of junior college. (Pretty self-explanatory)
  9. Even after an extra year of studying A levels, I still came out with a mediocre score. (I still made it to a science course in university but that’s besides the point)

I left out quite a bit of information but you just need to know this much to understand what I’m feeling now as an underdog.

But isn’t a loser post. I’m here to remind myself that I’m still progressing in the race that is life, and probably also to give you hope of you identify yourself as an underdog too. Here’s some counters against the points above:

  1. My sister might be smarter, but I’m still smart.
  2. Although I looked like a troll in primary school and did poorly in school, I have the biggest glow up.
  3. I may be the slowest, but my coach has always believed in my talent in swimming, and I was in the accelerated programme, receiving solo training often.
  4. I got to know that I have a chronic condition and I got it operated. So now, I can play the piano, confidently and snot free.
  5. I may have been the fattest in secondary school, but I did have the best grades, dated a really nice popular guy and now I’m in a healthy BMI.
  6. Although I sucked at commanding in SJAB, I got to be in the executive committee and add something valuable into my resume.
  7. Although I wasn’t the best player, I was still a decent player and I made many good friends that I still have by my side until now. I also discovered by ability to lead and manage with more leadership knowledge and exposure.
  8. Yes, I repeated a year, but that year gave me a wake up call and revived my call to pursue medicine.
  9. I had a mediocre score but I’m still en route to medicine 🙂


All of these underdog moments pushed me to grow. Worst grades? Study more. Fat body? Shape up. Feeling ugly? Change your mindset. It’s all within us. How far we’ll go in life depends on our will power. It’s not depending on your bosses, financial issues etc. Our life is what we make it. I’m still an underdog now but I’m learning now that it’s not a bad thing. My current challenge is the world challenging my odds to succeed into the medical field. But don’t worry, I’ll do my best and never give up.

I can do it, slowly but surely. You can too.