sail with me

soulmates cruising,

in sync with the waves.

so smooth you’d cave,

so magical you’d daze.

storing memories in crates,

preserving tender love for the long haul.

thank you for choosing to sail with me,

weathering through the storm with me,

making it through to the edge of the earth with me.

secretly wishing you happiness :)

Joy in your heart,

Burning passion as you make,

I wish for your happiness,

Regardless which step you take.

I know we parted,

Though we have no say,

I always hoped that we could stay.

But it’s alright,

We need this break.

Or maybe,

It’s a total break…

But promise me you’ll grow,

Into the person you dream of,

And not suffer in vain.


I lost a friend,

But the feelings and the lessons you taught me,

Will never be a waste.

stop hugging me

Hugs are basic forms of affection, or so most people say.

People give them out for free and often. People hug to say hi, to apologise, to love, to finish their sentences.

Stop it.

Hugs are powerful.

Stop giving them so carelessly.

A hug can cure loneliness, it can confess love, it can comfort beyond words can ever. A hug can mend ties, bid farewell and give you life. A hug can make you a new friend, a new lover or soulmate.

A hug, can shatter the walls I take forever to build…

So stop giving it to me if you don’t mean it.

Don’t leave me lonelier than before you came.

I beg you.

not today satan!! i decide who to love

Every night, I struggle in my sleep to decipher why you appear in my dreams.

Surely, you didn’t appear in my dreams with a purpose… right?

Oh god, I hope not.

It must be pure coincidence.

We are better friends. I like it this way.

For every dream I dream, feels like sin. It feels wrong because my mind and heart belongs to someone but my heart and soul yearns for you.

But I am careful.

For being with you in real life is too good to be true.

So I wrap up my wishes and feelings and store them at the back of my consciousness and pray that in the next life, maybe… just maybe… you might be mine.

definition of a soulmate

Today my friend called me a soulmate. And I was really surprised and happy about it. I was always close friends with him but i never knew where was the line between close friends and soul mates.

The thing is, my definition of what a soul mate was changed as I grew up.

Initially, when I was small, soulmate was defined as my one true love. My mom and dad called each other soulmates when they exchanged gentle kisses and hugs so I always associated this magical love with soulmate. With that, it naturally came with the thinking that I could only have 1 soulmate my whole life. So when I had my first Boyfriend, and he called me his “soulmate”, I fell so hard, no one could possibly save me from the heartache to come. When we broke up, I started to give that idea up and just lost my belief for relationships and fate in love.

Then I went on to university and I had a broader definition of what a soulmate is. It was “a bestfriend that can connect with me so instantly that it had to be telepathic. For quite a while I believed it because there was only one person whom I can be vulnerable around, so I was convinced that he was my soulmate; nothing romantic, just a strong and loving friendship, as though god sent.

A few months into university and I met more people whom I related to and felt so connected to that we instantly became a group that stood the test of distance, different time zones and busy schedules. I had the same feeling with them as I did with my bestfriend.

So now, finally, I have a new and hopefully lasting definition to what a soulmate is. I can have multiple soulmates, and a soulmate is considered a person whom I can connect with, be vulnerable with, and innocently love despite the distance and directions in life, and this has to be a mutual feeling.

I’m glad my friend called me a soulmate. It makes me feel a lot less alone in this world. I hope you guys have your soulmates too 🙂