Breast Ironing

Carried out all over the world, this traditional practice is done on girls who are about to have developing breasts. This is usually carried out by family members, by using hot metals such as hot spoons, to press on the tissue to suppress its growth.

This is done with the intention to prevent their children from attracting men to have sexual thoughts about them, thinking of it as an act of protection from rape, early child marriage and sexual advances. However, some of the intentions are flawed and made to be methods of punishments to their children. In recounts from girls who came out of the closet, it was found that parents would iron their breasts to threaten them. Parents use this as a form of manipulation, even if it was not intended at first. (There are some breast ironing video links at the end of this post.)

Thought we should respect traditional practices, this practice however violates human rights as these practices are clearly harmful, yet forced upon children against their will. This practice not only obviously brings about physical pain to the child, but also traumatizes them. Breast ironing can lead to breast cancer, cysts and depression etc.

The huge problem with this is that there isn’t enough official statistics about this as it is usually done secretly and so there isn’t enough education about this matter. Girls who had ironed breasts would not even know that they have been abused and might even think of it to be a usually practice to coming-of-age children.

Mutilation of the human body is odd, but actually quite common. This can be tied to female genital mutilation(FGM), which is a procedure to remove the clitoris and other external parts of the female intimate area as it was thought to some as an act of becoming a woman (How I Survived Female Genital Mutilation).

Even in so called “advanced” countries like my own, Singapore, these practices of female circumcision still exists and can be even done while the child is an infant (FGM in Singapore).

Videos to watch:

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deleting instagram!! #35

If you’re lost, don’t be. I’m 35 days into my “no Instagram” journey and I’m feeling great!


I feel really optimistic about life and I’m embracing change and transformation, no matter how fast it is or how drastic.

With Instagram out of my life for now, I’m able to sort out my priorities and really “get my shit back together”.

deleting instagram (info)

Before I decided to do this, I wanted to make sure I was convinced enough that I should do this. So, I did my research 🙂

I’ll be updating my feelings and experiences in this 30 day journey in other blog posts! Even during the day itself, day and night, where I feel it is needed! 

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, here are some links! (This will be constantly updated)


If you’re into reading instead, here you go 🙂

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finally changed my bad spending habits

I used to spend about $1K a month and now I am spending only $250( includes transport, food and other expenses).

I had horrible spending habits. I’ll list some out for you…

  1. I only checked the price tags after trying out the clothes
  2. I loved eating out
  3. I over ordered food at times
  4. I grabbed everywhere

So from the above listed habits, I decided to…

  1. Stop all shopping until after my finals
  2. Went to the supermarket more
  3. Consciously eat and have good morning habits
  4. Time management and no more laziness

So now, I’ll into detail why these worked out for me.

Stop all shopping until after my finals

Last time I used to go in a shop, take whatever I liked, tried it on, and only if I liked it, then I checked the price tag. The problem with this is, sometimes I liked the piece enough to decide to go through the pain of spending that much. I would spend $70 on a single top or simple denim shorts which I never really honestly felt regret, which made it even scarier of a habit now that I think about it.

So since I can’t trust my inner demons, I decided to not even try to enter stores, nor browse any online shopping platform. I started off by deleting all my shopping applications, clearing them in my favourites bar in google chrome and staying away from shopping malls. Then, I set my freedom date to the day after my finals. This meant that

The first few days were horrible… It was almost as if I had to constantly brush off the thought every few hours. I desperately tried to find other ways to spend my time like studying and watching youtube videos. Over time, it was going well. I started to explore my own closet and got creative with it too. I realised I had so many clothes that I didn’t wear often and some even not at all so that sparked a sense of excitement to wear those, and get creative with old pieces. I even started to think that it is dumb to spend on clothes that are brand new and even researched on thrift shops.

I guess in conclusion, I shifted my focus of being vain, to learning new things and saving money for a greater purpose.

Went to the supermarket more

I won’t go too much into this but last time on a normal day, I’d spend about $20 to $50 a day on food and drinks which was not a great deal to me before. Then I realised, as I was calculating my expenses, that the bulk of it came from eating out.

So I decided to set aside $50 for grocery shopping and only getting food outside when I was sick or when I had to spend a special day out with friends for special occasions. Whenever I had to spend outside, I would take note of them in a list in my phone. That way I would look at it accumulative and scare myself into not eating out.

OH! The main part was bringing a water bottle with me everywhere. This curbed my habits of buying drinks outside which could cost $2 to $8.

Consciously eat and have good morning habits

I won’t go much into why I over ordered because pretty sure it’s quite intuitive… 🙂

ANYWAY, I started to drink down a cup of water once I got up and then had tea or apple cider vinegar. This really helped me get rid of urges to over eat. I also started to really watch my food and eat slowly. At the start, I would even make sure I chewed until the consistency in my mouth was really mushed up before I swallowed. So by the time I was done, I was already full and I would change my mind on getting dessert or a tea break snack.

Time management & no laziness

I realised I had a really bad habit of grabbing… only when I was close to reaching platinum… So I sat down and thought hard about why I had such a bad habit and came up with the excuses “Oh I’ll be late if I don’t grab” and “I’ll earn points and appear there fresh and free of anxiety”. With that, I started off with making a conscious effort to wake up at 7am everyday so that I can be more productive and allow for travelling time through public transport. This already saves me a few hundred dollars a month. I also kicked the chase for platinum because as I thought about it more, I found it really ridiculous considering the fact that I’m still a struggling undergraduate with no fixed income.

So yay to growth and “adulting” 🙂