i’ve gone to 26 countries (constantly updated)

I keep a huge world map and paste red ribbons on the spots I’ve gone to. I’ve always had this feeling I never wanted to settle in one space forever and retire quietly. I’ve always wanted to travel the world until I pass on. There’s a certain beauty in traveling often. I realize when I travel, I tend to appreciate the unique things in my own country, Singapore, and at the same time, realize how sheltered I am as a Singaporean. I’ve seen different classes of poverty and wealth, tasted different cuisines and placed myself in different living environments. The world is so beautifully made, even with its flaws, that it aches me to just stay in one place and not witness its beauty. :’) The list is steadily growing but ultimately I would love to see the aurora borealis one day, be it in Norway or Iceland or Alaska. List of countries I’ve been to in chronological order (Will be constantly updated):

  1. Philippines
  2. Singapore
  3. Malaysia
  4. Thailand
  5. United States of America
  6. Canada
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Indonesia
  9. Australia
  10. Hawaii (USA still but some say it’s debatable)
  11. Vietnam
  12. Qatar
  13. Italy
  14. Vatican City
  15. Austria
  16. Liechtenstein
  17. Switzerland
  18. Germany
  19. Netherlands
  20. Belgium
  21. Luxembourg
  22. France
  23. UK
  24. South Korea
  25. Spain
  26. Portugal

These countries I’ve had the chance to grace with God’s permission and my parents’ generosity 🙂 Praise the Lord hehe