my 21st birthday

I loved my birthday. It was overdue because of my finals and everything was so last minute but I am so glad :’)

The party was dinosaur themed but Amazon let me down and so I had to purchase a dragon outfit last minute. Although I set up the idea of the party, it was really my family and friends who set it up for me. My sister did up a video that had some of my closest friends in them and they did a montage for me. My parents bought me a t-rex balloon that was taller than me and got me a cake that matched my dragon outfit. My friends came and we played pool and ate a ton and watched netflix then ended the night with some good alcohol.

My bestfriend Michael told me he could not come at first due to NS restrictions but ended up surprising me by coming. :’)

I loved every bit of it and the hard work from my parents and it was all really great.

I could write a whole detailed script on what happened chronologically but pictures speak louder than words so here it is!


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