i dry my eyes ’cause i don’t feel like crying

Love from others, hate from myself.

Today I had a realization that although my current state of mind is a product of compounded hurts, regrets and fears that may have involved someone else, I was the one who let it compound up over the years.

Yes, a friend did me wrong and I was hurt. But I had the choice to appreciate instead, the many other friends who love me so dearly and unselfishly.

Yes, a past boyfriend scarred me and left me broken. But I have a choice, not to cry everyday, and to patiently wait for the day I finally break free and tear down my walls again.

Yes, I might have failed in my academics in the past and felt inadequate. But I have the choice, to wear them as battle scars and push myself harder.

The list goes on…

I got this realization through a song by Sigrid called “Don’t feel like crying” (See: Don’t feel like crying) and it really gave me strength in a way that it tells me that “yes, I can cry but do I really want to?”.

If you are feeling suffocated by many overwhelming emotions, take a break and listen to this. It might help!



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