don’t force your religion on me

At the cancer centre today, I encountered a very chatty old lady.

She started off really nice and well-mannered but it started to get really weird when she started to talk about religion. To give you some background, she is a muslim lady of mix malay and indian decent. As she was having chemo, she chatted me up and struck me saying “My husband and I believe in Jesus Christ only.”. The following will be a summary because she held me up for about 30 minutes. She proceeds to confuse me by saying that she thinks that the christian bible is fake and inaccurate, adding on that only the Quran is the right one.

At this point, I was just midly puzzled and slightly defensive but I did understand that everyone would be bias and insist that their own religion is the right one. So I stood quiet and continued to let her speak. She then says that all the other religions are up against muslims but muslims are the right ones. Afterwards, she quotes me some parts of the Quran and says that the bible was a bad interpretation. She said that I should start questioning the bible and read the Quran so “I would know the truth”.

Listening to all of that was so draining. I mean no hate for the muslims. In fact, I have quite a number of close friends who are in love with their Islam faith and I totally respect that because I see them blossom into beautiful and kind ladies. What pisses me off, is when someone tries to convert others, by tearing down their religion. I see no harm in trying to convert others but I believe that you should try to convert the person by showing them the beauty of another religion instead of telling them they believed in trash.

Ultimately, I am a Catholic and although I was born into this religion, I choose to stay in this religion and I respect other religions. I personally do not believe that religions should separate us all. From what I observe from my friends of multiple religions, that the basis of all religions is a guide to be a good human being on earth. We all believe in a heaven and we all believe in hell. So I don’t see why we should hate on others just because we believe in different kinds of Gods or a God?

Just love all πŸ™‚ (ps, a very helpful nurse helped distract her for me to leave yay)

2 thoughts on “don’t force your religion on me

  1. What this lady may not realize is that the bible was here long before the quran. Therefore, every book that came after the bible must be judged by the bible. Not the other way around. Just my 2 cents.


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