don’t just say thank you. say it with their name too!

In the midst of all the stress from finals, I have entertained countless thoughts on bailing on friends and escaping my other commitments that were considered “time wasted that could have been put into studying”. But after gathering my thoughts and courage, I have conquered my demons and avoided cancelling on my other commitments.

So this morning, I found myself grateful to have decided to pull through with my commitments.

Today at the cancer centre, I met a wonderful lady who I got to know over the few hours together. She was a survivor and still going strong. She got to know of my life plans and she was very supportive and reassuring.

The joy from knowing that she believes I’m on the right track, was translated into a more delightful mood. So as I interacted with the patients, I was really joyful and kind. The slightest bit of rejection was fleeting and did not hit me at all. Further down the ward, a patient thanked me and even said my name. I was really surprised that that hit me so hard. I was used to receiving thanks from patients but hearing it with my name made it so personal and impactful. :’)

Once again I was reminded why I do these things despite being busy with school and other commitments. It keeps me in check and prevents burn outs. There is a simple joy that knowing the patients are cared for, that satisfies me to the bone.

So hey, next time you thank someone, if possible, say it with their name too 🙂 you might just make their day!!

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