we rise by lifting others

Personally, I struggle setting good goals for myself and believing in myself. So I tend to set low goals so that I won’t disappoint. So now that I’m eu route to a lifelong medical career, my confidence is shaken everyday.

Today I discovered that I had a cheerleader in me. I’ve been tutoring a child for the notorious primary school leaving examinations and today I asked her “What score would you like to get in 2 years?”. She was lost and didn’t know what to set as her goals. I gave her suggestions and she shut them all down with the same reason-“That’s too high”.

It was looking at a mirror. I saw myself in her. It struck me so hard and I couldn’t believe I had so little faith in myself. But because I saw myself in her, I knew she can make it. So I turned into the cheerleader and pushed her. I told her to aim high and I gave her many reasons why she should aim high. At the end of an hour, I managed to persuade her to aim for a famous school which required a 90th percentile score.

I saw greater purpose in just being her tutor and helping her grades improve. This was my chance to change her life so that she may be better than me. I related so much to her and I know what if I were more confident before, I’d do so much better than now. I am in a good place now but it could have been better. I want to get her there. I want her to grow up and not beat herself up. She’s surrounded by relatives who are doctors and lawyers yet she feels like she’s got no hope.

She excels in math and her science is improving drastically. I have faith in her and I will be there for her, as a tutor and a life mentor.

This is me growing and living up to my motto: we rise by lifting others.

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