definition of a soulmate

Today my friend called me a soulmate. And I was really surprised and happy about it. I was always close friends with him but i never knew where was the line between close friends and soul mates.

The thing is, my definition of what a soul mate was changed as I grew up.

Initially, when I was small, soulmate was defined as my one true love. My mom and dad called each other soulmates when they exchanged gentle kisses and hugs so I always associated this magical love with soulmate. With that, it naturally came with the thinking that I could only have 1 soulmate my whole life. So when I had my first Boyfriend, and he called me his “soulmate”, I fell so hard, no one could possibly save me from the heartache to come. When we broke up, I started to give that idea up and just lost my belief for relationships and fate in love.

Then I went on to university and I had a broader definition of what a soulmate is. It was “a bestfriend that can connect with me so instantly that it had to be telepathic. For quite a while I believed it because there was only one person whom I can be vulnerable around, so I was convinced that he was my soulmate; nothing romantic, just a strong and loving friendship, as though god sent.

A few months into university and I met more people whom I related to and felt so connected to that we instantly became a group that stood the test of distance, different time zones and busy schedules. I had the same feeling with them as I did with my bestfriend.

So now, finally, I have a new and hopefully lasting definition to what a soulmate is. I can have multiple soulmates, and a soulmate is considered a person whom I can connect with, be vulnerable with, and innocently love despite the distance and directions in life, and this has to be a mutual feeling.

I’m glad my friend called me a soulmate. It makes me feel a lot less alone in this world. I hope you guys have your soulmates too 🙂

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