excuses exist only when you want them to

Today in the car, my family was talking about how we should work about the increasing bills and getting some stuff done and we realised that we were shutting down an idea with many excuses.

After a while, I thought about what I said more and concluded that actually, there were solutions to the excuses I presented. So I shared them to my parents and my mom said:

If you really want something to happen, you will not have excuses. If you don’t want something, you’ll think of any excuses just to go against it.

This made me reflect on many things in my life.

Take for instance, I really want to be a medical practitioner and this life I have now, though exhausting and extremely busy, is something I am willing to go through for the years to come just to achieve my dream. On the other hand, in the past I used to quit my piano and ballet classes because I “had to focus more on studies”. Let’s be real, I just really got lazy going for those classes and my interests in them were fading quickly.

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