we all need a bestfriend

It’s really nice to have your own person.

I think everyone needs that one person. That one person who knows almost everything in your life. That one person who knows how much you have grown through the years.

Not everyone has one. So if you have one, you’re extremely lucky.

That person is your go-to. No matter where you are on earth, no matter where you go, you know you’re not alone because there is someone there caring for you all the time. When you’re feeling high, sad or happy, you just want to let that person know because you know they’ll listen and understand.

Maybe you even have a sacred place you share with this person where you share the deepest and darkest secrets. This is the safe haven that the both of you decide to be the place of vulnerability. This is where you check on each other and grow together.

Not everything is perfect. Sometimes you fight, sometimes you take breaks from each other. But just like family and loved loves, they always come back.

There is a love between the both of you that you can’t explain. There is a mutual trust that no one can beat. This is the person you could not imagine how your life would turn out without that person going through hell with you.

This is all magic. God’s gift to us amidst all the chaos, to remind us that we are not alone.

But you know what’s even more magical? When you and the person you chose to be your “go-to person” chose you too.

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