why is everyone in a rush?

Why is everyone in a rush?

Why is everyone in a rush to love, in a rush to get married?

Why is everyone in a rush to earn money, in a rush to be successful?

Why is everyone in a rush to be happy?

Society says we should get married young because it’s easier to reproduce when you’re young. Governments make being single in first word countries hard. Society is filled with many people who conform and follow these “advices” and so now you’re under pressure to not feel out of place in this community who made you feel at home.

Society says only people who study STEM fields can prosper and become rich. Governments make finding art related jobs difficult and pride their nations to be technologically advanced, instead of being a centre for excellence in the arts. Society is filled with a majority of people who are weak-willed and despite having a strong inclination towards the arts, lean towards STEM and work towards money. Most of them aren’t even happy with a life-long career choice they made.

Society also makes success seem a stone throw away. They flaunt the people who are young, innovative and self-made powerhouses. Governments try their best, to make youths cope with the living expenses as they transition to adulthood. But try as they might, it’s still difficult and that often leaves youths defeated and stuck in a constant rat race chase, draining out the fire within them. Society, even with the people who speak well of STEM and business career paths, is struggling together, stuck in a perpetual merry go round, unable to break free to be successful.

We do all of this to be happy. Or at least that’s the only way we know how to these days. Society has once again managed to do it again. Our thinking has been morphed to believe that we can only be happy with more money and more success. Ultimately, we are working our lives to make society happy while we are led to believe that we are making ourselves happy.

We are self-made slaves of the 21st century while the hippies enjoy the fruits of our fully functioning society and become the free people, living happy and as they wish.

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