struggling with weight loss coming to an end?

I have been struggling with weight loss on and off since I was small and during my junior college days I hit an all time high of 60kg which made me really destructive. I really became insecure with myself, yet still in this state of denial, trying to convince myself I’m still happy no matter what weight I had.

After A levels and a break up, I had this slight change in my mindset and started lose a lot of weight in one month(8kg to be exact), in time for university. Have you ever heard of “freshman 50”? That just means they expect freshies to gain a shit ton of weight in the first year which I have proven… unfortunately…and I was once again sucked into this denial state and I simply refused to accept my weight gain.

So here we are again… And yes, this has a back story.

So the past few weeks, I caught up with many friends and parents’ friends and even met quite a few strangers and I realised that many, if not most of them, said I am pretty/beautiful but I “gained a little bit of weight”…

I ignored all of them at first, until I realised I started panting after a short walk which was pretty alarming(on top of all the health issues I was riddled with).

It got to the point when I realised this was really bothering me. I am at this point in my life where I’m hustling in other aspects but I can’t seem to budge from my weight loss problems. So I decided to do something about it.

Then I thought to myself, how can I make this time of weight loss regime more lasting and consistent this time? I didn’t want to lose the weight then fall back and gain them all back again. Therefore, I decided to document it here! So that I have some sort of guilt for not doing it or cheating-same logic as a strict trainer watching your every move. So starting from today, I’ll document my use of apps, diets, exercise(mild) and lifestyle changes and if they worked for me πŸ™‚

Wish me luck :–)

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