my family is top priority

When are you ever too busy for family?

Year 2 semester 2 just started and it’s been a hell ride I tell you. I swear I toned down the social activities, actually to like a good 40 percent! I’ve even given up rugby and some toxic friends so that means my skin has a serious deficiency of vitamin D. I sleep like 2 to 4 in the morning after getting too tired of studying and wake up like 11/12 to eat brunch and study again.

Ok but the point of this entry isn’t to rant about the woes of university life. I want to point out an achievement I had today. Just moments ago actually. So a little bit of background, I was down with extreme sloth vibes with Netflix on my iPad in the studio, along with my dad and Sister doing computer work, thus leaving my mother alone in the main house.

Suddenly, for like a moment while I waited for the next episode to autoload, I thought of how my mom was alone and probably lonely. May seem pathetically small, but it took a lot of effort to put the show down and go over. I went over, grabbed her fully charged phone, placed it underneath her pillow and kissed her on the forehead. She woke up and hugged me and offered me to sleep with her. I denied but I said I’ll stay by her side while she sleeps.

This may not mean a lot of some of you but this moment is quite significant to me. It could be my Father or my Sister and I’d feel the same. Family isn’t perfect but they are fated to be in your life permanently, so that’s probably God saying I need them. Maybe I don’t need them all the time but most times. When I feel alone and defeated, when I’m happy and playful, when I’m sad and disappointed, they’re there. Maybe they don’t know everything about my life, but the, being physically there or spiritually there keeps me sane and loved. Maybe the love they show is tough love through the insults and scoldings, maybe the love they show is gentle and tender love through the hugs and wake up calls, but I’ll take it all anyway.

I have friends with “bad” families as they have claimed but what about the people who have no parents they know at all? Okay, maybe I’m dwelling in uncharted territory going into thoughts this deep, too deep to understand it in everyone’s perspective. It’s just that I have friends with abusive, criminal parents who they still love unconditionally and serve them.

I thought about all of them and realized that it’s really just based on the nature of the child. The parent could be the most doting and gentle parents but if the child, with specific genes and circumstances, does not recognize their parents to be as such, then the child would label the family “bad” anyway.

So with that, I’ve decided to leave it as that because I can’t change the person but, I can just love them as my friends regardless. Maybe one day, they’ll recognize all types of love and accept them.

Going back to my family, oh I really love my family. Even if we are a mess some days. We’ve grown together and grown well. So people tell me my dreams will just suck all the quality time away. But I’ll make it work. My family deserves my time. It’s the most priceless thing in the world.

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