don’t pity cancer patients. pity yourselves

Cancer has always had this taboo that automatically labels cancer patients wrongfully and dramatically. With that, they become society’s pity parties and we put them in the “less fortunate” section.

I have lost loved ones to cancer but I never saw them as a “wasted” case. In fact maybe sometimes, I envied them.

Today being at the cancer centre made me relive this feeling of envy. You’d think that you’d see sad, sobbing people with really pale faces and bald heads when you enter a cancer centre. Damn, I was shook. It’s quieter than most hospitals. Patients are friendly and gentle. I have not encountered anyone with a bad attitude yet, which is surprising because you’d think that sick people are more impatient and irritated. I was so wrong. I was stationed at the third level chemo wards and it smelled of light jasmine. Patients sat on chairs, probably in pain, but still smiling at you as you pass them. If you had the chance to look at them, you’d never pan them out to be struggling with cancer because they looked happier than most people out there.

To the world outside, they are the unfortunate ones. I beg to differ. In fact, I think most of us outside are the unfortunate ones. We are the blind ones that fail to see life as we should, fail to live as we should, as we could. They see life differently, love better, think better, live better even with the cancer creeping in and messing with them physically. They remember to treasure the people around them, they know how to be kind and understand that other people suffer too- something many people fail to grasp.

I envy them because despite the fact that they are in constant physical pain, they still hope to live; they push on with the will to live. Many of us just go through lives day to day, being pessimistic and hating on our lives just because of the how ever often bad days.

Oh how I wish more people could experience what I did then maybe life will seem kinder to us as we grace through life with a different mindset and lesser ignorance.

Ps. To all the cancer survivors out there, I truly have mad respect for you 🙂

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